Label services

Often  bands and musicians lack time, know how or just the energy to deal with all the sometimes ennoying things that come with a professional music release and prefer to concentrate on booking, making music and building up their fanbase instead of spending weeks exploring the jungle of technical recording codes and selling platforms

All this work we already did, therefore we are able offer the following music label services for bands and musicians who –  dispite not having a contract with a record company –  wish to have officially released  their music production.

  • Selling products such as audio CD’s, merchandizing items and even music sheets on our online shop, on amazon, ebay, bandcamp and other platforms worldwide.
  • Providing digital distribution on itunes and many more digital music market places.
  • Providing a label code and all the necessary technical codes needed for radio airplay and digital and physical distribution such as ISRC and UPC
  • Radio promotion via MPN (Media Promotion Network) in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

And don’t worry, we won`t claim any copyrights of your music, they wil remain yours completely.

For the whole thing of releasing music is quite complex, just send an email and tell us about your project