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Mecklenburgische Bläserakademie CD "French Desire To The North"


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on this live recording from a 2013 concert during a woodwind workshop from the Rostock university of music (germany) students from several european countries present as well known as newly compose  works for the standard "Richard Strass" woodwind ensemble 

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..amongst them one composition by Richard Strass himself and some works that were especially composed for this event by the Leipzig multi talentetd Frank Raschke and by Austrian jazz musician an Arranger Augustin Lehfuss 

Led by Gregor Witt (solo oboist at the "Berlin Staatskapelle" and teacher at the Rostock music university) these young musicians take a tour from late romantic up to tonal and jazz influenced music of the 21st Century 

Mecklenburgische Bläserakademie der htm Rostock
Konzertmitschnitte aus der Dorfkirche Benz/Usedom und der hmt Rostock

Richard Strauss (1864 – 1949)
Sonatine für Bläser „Aus der Werkstatt eines Invaliden“ AV 135  

Frank Raschke (*1964)
Wooden Dances
Street Music Scenes from Klein-Paris

Augustin Lehfuss (*1963)
Some Glenns for Woodwind Cats

Musikalische Leitung: Gregor Witt, Solooboist der Staatskapelle Berlin

Playind time 68:24