Songs for artists and producers

Here you find songs that can be used by artists, labels and producer for their performances and releases. You may perform or record the songs in your version or arrangement, as long as you licence it properly at your local perfomance rights organisation (such as ASCAP or BMI in the United States or GEMA in Germany). You must not use the original recordings (as listed below) for use in commercials, movies, tvseries, games etc without our explicit permission. You can also find these songs in the data base at CD Baby, where you can sync licence the songs for such use.

Every year we listen to the same old christmas carols again and again – but there are may others worth some minutes of broadcasting – here is our special christmas playlist..

If you wish to get MIDI files or music sheet material (such as chords, lyrics or lead sheets) for performance,  or if you wish to use our songs in your commercial or movie production just contact us at

All copyrights of the songs on this site are of course secured by international laws and completely controlled by Gustfuss Records – if you have performed or recorded a song from our portfolio: Just let us know!!