Publishing services

Composing, arranging and publishing music is a wide field, in which many skills are required to succeed. And though nowaday’s music is highly digitalized, it still very often has to to with paperwork and music sheets, There are many people out there who still live with written music. Not only classical musicians are used to read music the old way from printed (or even hand written) music sheets, but also pop and musical productions depend on reliable sheet music material.

Having written thousands of pages of sheet music of any kind, we offer several music sheet related services for bands, musicians and even production teams:

  • Formating any kind of music sheets for printing and performing, from simple chord sheets up to complex orchestral scores
  • Transcribing music from audio to paper and vice versa
  • arranging services
  • MIDI pre production of songs and music

We use the latest versions of professional notation and sequenzing software and are able to read and convert from and to all usual formats.

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