Every year we listen to the same old christmas carols again and again – but there are may others worth some minutes of broadcasting..

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Cherry Tree
vintage style indie pop
(music and lyrics: Anches Holzweber, © Gustfuss Records)
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Gather_together – it’s Christmas time (modern pop version)
Gather Together – it’s Christmas time (old fashioned version)
christmas tune
(music: Augustin Lehfuss, lyrics: Anne Semper , © Gustfuss Records)

Yes It’s True
vocal jazzy boogie song
(music and lyrics: Augustin Lehfuss, © Gustfuss Records)
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Edi Mayr: Weihnachten mit Dir

music: Mayr/Hojsa
lyrics: Sandra Schauer
publisher: Gustfuss Records
ISRC: ATLA51100501

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