XANGL – So Wie Du (Audio CD)

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Modern Folk Songs in the Geman dialect of Austria’s capital Vienna

15 tracks


XANGL  -So Wie du – Audio CD (2009)

“Xangl” is a word in the (German) dialect of Austria’s caital Vienna and means all sort of singing… – Vienna has a rich folk song tradition, which is still continued up to today, this CD is an example of the latest status of this music, which easily combines influences from vienna waltzes and classical composition with chords, rhythms and the styling of jazz, funk and latin music.  The Ensemble “XANGL” were formed by two nomally working alone dialect poets, Edi Mayr and Gustfuss, who combined their songs for this project.

The title “So Wie Du” means “Just like you” (for those who do not understand German)


1. So wie Du  4:49
2. Kniara 3:36
3. Amoi no 4:48
4. S´vogerl am Bam 2:57
5. Marie Marie 4:00
7. Finanzinfarkt 4:04
8. Poliziestenmaus 4:18
9. Wer schreibt a Liad 3:53
10: die Tranen in den Augen 4:18
11. Du i mag di 4:39
12. Wast Du wie gern i di anschau 4:56
13. Scahtzi 4:43
14. S´Wienerherz 2:43
15. I bin arm do i bin freu 6:10

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