RAGTIME IT IS – concert piece for cello and piano – music sheets download

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Concert piece for violoncello and piano, composed by Austrian composer and arranger Augustin Lehfuss

Download as  PDF files – score, cello and piano part

Score 17  Pages, piano part  12 pages, cello part  6 pages
Duration: 06:30 min

For professional instrumentalists

a MIDI based demo recording  with music sheet to read along can be found on the composer’s youtube channel.


RAGTIME IT IS is a”classical”composition for violoncello and piano. As the title indicates it is based on the typical ragtime stle, but it is coloured with many elements from classical music and jazzy harmonics.

In the middle there is a lyrical cantabile part with smooth melody for the cello in a jazz ballad style, wich – after a virtuous cello cadenza – leads back the the original ragtime feeling.

It was composed on request by German cellist Marlene Witt, to whom the composer dedicated this work.

This piece is typical for Austrian composer Augustin Lehfuss, who has worked as arranger and composer for both jazz bands and classical ensembles. He usually moves along the border between jazz and classical music.

The piece is rather difficult and requires professional skills of the players.