Stefan Graser -Tantum Ergo (Audio CD)

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German pianist Stefan Graser adapted several songs from the catholic mass servivce song book for jazz  solo piano. Besides some very old spiritual songs this CD also contains  the oldest “notated” music in human history from ancient mesopotamia.

Label: Gustfuss Records


German pianist Stafan Graser grew up in a christian environment and made his first musical experiences as a church musician. Later on he becam e jazz pianist, but never forgot his musical rootes.
In 2015, the catholic church renewed it’s songbook for the services “Gotteslob” (praise the Lord) , and many of the songs, which a many of believers had grown up with, were replaced. On this CD  many of the old songs from this service book appear in a brilliant version for jazz piano. Most of the songs are several hundred years old, the oldest at first was notated about 1400 BC in ancient Mesopotamia. There’s also a version of an old biblical psalm ((Jeremia 29, 13f), newly adapted by the artist.


1. Kyrie
2. König ist der Herr
3. Lob sei dem Herrn
4. Erschienen ist der herrlich Tag
5. Maria Dich lieben
6. Sag ja zu mir, wenn alles nein sagt
7. tantum ergo
8. Gottheit tief verborgen
9. Oh Jesu
10. Zieh an die Macht
11. Jeremia
12. Segne Du Maria
13. Ugarit

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