ZWE Summer Sessions (Double Audio CD)

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The legendary 2008 summer sessions, lively recorded at one of Europe’s finest jazz clubs, at the ZWE’s

2 CD, 8 tracks, total running time min 123:17

Label: Gustfuss Records


During the summer of 2008, just 2 years after opening, at ZWE´s in vienna, a series of legendary jazz sessions took place – with some of the finest European jazz musicians, Every week from June to the end of August an enthusiastic audience witnessed amazing improvised concerts of high spirit and also musical quaility. The live recordings of this summer sessions, published as a double CD release, show the unique spirit of the ZWE´s, Viennas best and most unique jazz club, which also later was mentioned amongst Downbeat´s list of the 100 best jazz clubs in the world and now represent a unique document of European jazz, played by international known jazz musicians such as Roman Schwaller, Oliver Kent, Mario Gonzi, Herwig Gradischig, Markus Gaudriot, Daniel Nösig, Bastian Stein and many others…

The recordings can prelistened at this youtube video


CD 1:
01 Just Friends 14:52
02 Bag’s Groove Part  I  11:36
03Rythm-A-Ning  14:05
04 In Your Own Sweet Way  16:40

CD 2:
01 What Is This Thing Called Love  15:07
02 Bag’s Groove Part II  22:18
03 The Nearness Of You  12:01
04 Rue Chaptal  16:38


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