Brazenlinx “Vienna Don’t Fret” – Audio CD

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BRAZENLINX – pure and honest hard rock, played on viola and cello, combined with a strong singer and heavy metal drums. An extraordinary way to use classical instruments.

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BRAZENLINX, a band of classical musicians, amazes with her latest album “VIENNA DON’T FRET”. Based in Vienna, the worlds capital of classical music, this band impresses with a strong, powerful hard rock sound, amazing vocals and the almost unlimited possibilites of electric string instruments. That way this band created a new genre in the world of rock music – absolutely unique!! A must have for every hard rock fan!

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1. Ultimate
2. Perfect Balance
3. Go Getters
4. In The Plan
5. You Lose
6. More
7. Beware
8. Death Row
9. Fortunate Cookie
10. Wanna Live Forever?
11. Solution

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