El Paratero (Woodwind Quintet) – music sheets download

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Melodic composition for Woodwind Quintet, inspired by south american folk music – requires medium experienced players, though a more skilled flute and french horn players would be preferable

Duration 03:50 min


Written by Austrian arranger/composer Augustin Lehfuss this composition was first performed by the “Woodwing Quintet of the Berlin Staatskapelle” during a concert tour in south america as a hommage to south american folk music. It’s melodious lines lead through a musical landscape of rich variety, including a notated solo for the flute.

Though the name of the composition sounds spanish, it’s just a phantasy name, inspired by the view out of the composers working room to a building nearby, and means nothing (as far as knwon until now)

A short MIDI based preview can be listened at below