In Between (Woodwind Quintet) – music sheets download

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Jazzy ballad for woodwind quintet as recorded by the “Woodwind Quintet of the Staatskapelle Berlin”
The oboe part is to be played by English Horn throughout the piece, the clarinet part alternates with bass clarinet

requires more experienced players
duration: 04:30 to 05:00 min

comes in 2 PDF files, complete single parts and score


A slow jazzy ballad for woodwind quintet, composed by Austrian composer Augustin for the “Woodwind Qintet of the Staatskapelle Berlin”. The sheets you get are exactly the material this famous ensemble used for the recording on their CD “Jazzy Woodwinds”, which was released by Castigo Records and is also avsailable in our shop.

For the composer mainly works as a jazz arranger, this work ist strongly influenced by jazz chords and rhythms, but due to the composer’s education you will also find influences of classical forms.

sound example