Gregorie’s Waltz (Woodwind Quintet) – music sheets download

 14,90 incl. VAT

Jazz waltz for classical woodwind quintet. Requires experienced players espially the flute and oboe parts are technically demanding

duration: 04:20 at 156 bpm
229 bars at all

comes in 2 PDF files, complete single parts and score


A quick jazz waltz for woodwind quintet featuring a rather virtous oboe, composed by Austrian composer Augustin Lehfuss for the “Woodwind Qintet of the Staatskapelle Berlin”, which was recorded by this ensemble on it’s CD “jazzy woodwinds”. The oboe solo was written for and played by Gregor Witt, solo oboist of the Staatskapelle Berlin, who wished to play something different and also wanted to get something he needed to practise on…

It should be played in a jazzy 3/4 swing, but also includes a passage quoting a piece of real vienna waltz (with a jazzy flute solo above) – the flute player should also be a skilled one. The parts of the Clarinet, French Horn and Bassoon are not that demanding, but also require solidly performing players.

in the product gallery one can see most of the oboe part, so that anyone interested to play this tune may see what will expect him.

Prelisten on Youtube